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The insole with F3D, 3mm Damper, is an advanced dampening foam insert, which dissipates up to 95% of the high-frequency shockwaves generated with every step, especially on hard surfaces, like road, pavement and hard trails.

F3D 3mm damper prevent harmful vibrations which have been associated with micro-traumas of the soft tissue in the lower limbs and are a contributory factor to pain caused by common running injuries such as bruised heel pad, Achilles tendonitis, compartment syndrome, shin splints and ITB syndrome.



TPU arch brace in order to produce stability and support that assists all but some high- and low-arched foot types.

  • PU Foam – Provides extra support
  • TPU Arch Brace – Stability for all foot-types
  • Can be worn in a range of shoe type for a range of activities.
  • Support Level – 2


Size Guide: (UK Shoes Sizes)

XS (2-4)
S (4.5-7)
M (7.5-9)
L (9.5-11)
XL (11.5-14)


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XS, S, M, L, XL


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