Ultimate Performance 5460 Runners Knee Strap


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The UP Runners Knee Strap provides protection, relief and compression for long-term or recurring knee pain.

Flexible rubber tubing placed around the knee provides targeted compression. This helps to relieve pain resulting from common running injuries such as ITB syndrome and Runner’s Knee.

Three-way compression targets all around the knee.

The upper strap and tube targets ITB and quad alignment.
The lower strap and tube targets the patella tendon.
Compression tube at the sides of the knee to help with patella tracking.

Adjustable straps ensure a personalised fit. You can adjust the top and bottom compression to suit your needs. The wraparound design with front closure also makes it easy to put on and take off.

Lightweight and comfortable design doesn’t compromise mobility. The lighter, breathable mesh backing for behind the knee reduces bulk and heat build up during wear.

Recommended for treatment and recovery from injuries such as jumpers knee, iIiotibial band (ITB) syndrome, runners knee and patella tendonitis. Also can be worn to treat arthritis, Osgood-Schlatters disease and quad misalignment.

BILATERAL – Fits left and right.

Support Level

Ultimate Performance separate the range of supports into 4 levels to give a guideline on the level of support you can expect from the product:


This product is classified as Support Level 3: Pro

Wear Instructions: with leg straight and quad relaxed, secure upper strap around leg. Secure bottom strap placing tube just below kneecap.



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