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Why do I get holes in my running shoes above my big toes?

Ever asked yourself this question and tired of replacing your expensive shoes just because of this, even though they have plenty of miles left in them.

The science…
It is a medical condition called hyperextension of the distal phalanx.

The layman’s version…
Each step you take your big toe lifts at the end.

Every time this happens it rubs against the material on the inside of the trainer, which eventually results in the hole appearing. Studies have shown that as many as 1 in 5 people suffer with this condition and many of them are not aware that it is a medical condition and blame it on the shoe, their toe nails being too long or simply having the wrong size shoe. Well we now, thanks to the folks at “Trainer Armour” we have a solution for you.

Big Toe Hole Preventer is a thin self-adhesive patch that fits inside your trainers, just above your big toe, and is designed to be unnoticeable after fitting. It is manufactured from a tough abrasive and tear resistant material.

The best solution is to fit these in new trainers to prevent big toe holes appearing in the first place but it can also be used when a hole starts to become visible in your current shoes.

This product is designed and manufactured in the UK so has a very low carbon footprint, and all the packaging is recyclable.

Kit includes

  • 2x Big Toe Hole patches
  • 1x Left foot applicator
  • 1x Right foot applicator
  • User instructions
  • Link to video user guide

Product Specification

  • Rigid printed card applicators (recyclable)
  • Suitable for shoe sizes from UK size 3 up to UK size 12
  • Applicators can be trimmed to size with a pair of sharp scissors
  • Self-adhesive patches are secured onto the applicators ready for use


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