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Weighing in at just 86g, this Silva Ninox 3 Headlamp, is fully waterproof, has an incredibly bright light output of 300 lumens and Silva’s intelligent light technology, making it the ideal little headlamp for throwing in your bag and taking with you next time you are camping, enjoying an evening jog, hiking as well as for more general use.

This Silva headlamp has the Silva Intelligent Light® which is a light distribution technology that provides you with a unique combination of the long reach spotlight and close-range floodlight. This translates into less head movement, increased control, better balance and less fatigue, ideal for any outdoor activity!

When we tried this Silva Ninox 3 Headlamp out, the first thing we noticed was how incredibly light it was, and how comfortable it was to wear thanks to the silicone gripper inside the headband. We were also really impressed at how bright the light is (top tip – do not look at the light when you are turning it on, otherwise, like us, you’ll be seeing stars for a little while!).

But what really sets this headtorch from the rest, is the fact that it is fully waterproof to IPX7 standard, and can be submerged in water at a depth of 1 metre for up to 30minutes, which is great in our unpredictable British weather conditions!

This headtorch has a usage time of up to 80 hours on minimum, and even a very generous 30 hours on maximum, and runs on three AAA batteries (included). When you need to change the batteries, there is a handy notch on the buckle on the headband to use to unscrew the battery pack plate. A couple of us found it a little tricky to get the plate back on at first, you have to line up some notches on the side at the front of the headlamp, but once we got used to it we found it really easy, so our top tip is to practice before you take your torch out, just so you can do it confidently, quickly and easily when outdoors!

So, whether you are heading on a camping trip with friends and family, hiking and exploring the UK’s most beautiful coastline or heading out for an evening jog or stroll then this headlamp will quickly become your trusted companion to light your way!
• Bulb type: 1x High power LED + 1x Wide-angle LED
• Intelligent Light® – optimized light distribution
• Light output: 300 lumens
• Light modes: Max, Med, Min
• Light distance: 75m
• Discharge time: 40hours (max mode) – 55hours (min mode)
• Waterproof to IPX7
• Batteries: 3 x AAA (included)
• Shows battery status when turned off
• Weight: 53g (batteries: 33g)


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